€525,30€ ttc

prix pour 2 jours de formation tva compris

Training in hardware and combined manicure from scratch, with practical exercises in the group. “Russian Manicure”

The course is designed for both beginners and nail aesthetic stylists.

Duration of training: 2 days

Registration requirements: 50% prepayment

The training includes a study guide for students written by instructor Inna Didkovskaya.
Working materials with which the student works only in our studio, gel nail polish and rubber base, files and other accessories are included. Nail apparatus, cutters, scissors, cuticle pliers, cuticle pusher are not included in the price (they can be purchased on site).

What to bring on class day:
• brushes
• cutters
• scissors, cuticles, pusher, nail milling cutter (apparatus)
All tools and professional nail supplies can be purchased on site. After graduation, the student receives a discount on material in the amount of -15% for 3 months, which does not apply to electrical equipment (milling cutter).

Issuance of a certificate

Training is held from 10:00 to 17:00 am with a lunch break (from 12:00 to 13:00). There is a cafeteria next to the training venue.

1st day
First day of training

Theory (student textbook)

1. theoretical course on manicure.
2. sterilization (hygiene rules)
3. how to choose the right manicure for your client
4. how to choose the right nail material
6. All the secrets of gel polish, its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Preparation of a natural nail.
2. rules for using a nail cutter.
3. speed selection
4. hand position
5. step by step study of polishing methods.
6. perfect cuticle cut in one line with scissors (combined manicure).
7. technique for applying gel polish under the cuticle (first option)
8. Top coat technique for maximum beautiful highlights.

2nd day
Second day of training
1. all kinds of cutter (which cutter to choose for wet, sensitive or dry skin)
2. What is rubber base and its advantages
3. how to choose the right top coattie.

1. preparation of the nail plate.
2. choice of nozzles and speed of work on the skin
3. step by step operation of the router.
4. hardware manicure.
5. preparation of the nail plate, work with a rubber base
6. technique for applying the gel under the cuticle (second option)
7. presenting your work in front of the camera, perfect highlights

Everything about your Instagram presentation
What kind of lamp do we use to create beautiful photos (can be bought locally)
Application for presenting your photo
(filters, color correction, minor retouching)
Video editing application

You will learn how to take beautiful photos, shoot and edit videos with your Instagram logo.

During the course, you will learn how to make beautiful nails, as well as get beautiful photos and videos.

The program includes a portfolio of your work. (All accessories will be provided to take beautiful photos)