Reusable face mask from INDI NAILS, designed to protect against dust, for the work of manicurists and other professions in beauty. Pitt mask is made of high quality material – polyurethane foam.
* It has excellent elasticity.
* Without smell
* Well breathable
* The shape of the mask corresponds to the profile of the face. Effectively protects you from particles of dust, fog, haze and pollen, etc. The maximum protection of the skin and respiratory tract by 99%. It can also help reduce the transmission of the flu virus.
* Does not cause allergies.
* Reusable, washable. The mask can be reused immediately after washing. The term of use is 1-1.5 months.
* Soft and skin-friendly, tightly applied to the face. You will feel very comfortable when using.
* Stylish and fashionable
* Color: black, pink and yellow
* The mask is made in accordance with international standards.

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Face mask pitta – green (logo Ferrari )