The price of the course does not include VAT (price for 2 days)

Intensive, two-day Course “Combined and hardware manicure.”
The course is intended for beginners as well as for practicing masters.
Training time: 2 days
Terms of writing: no prior knowledge is required.
Model: required for each lesson.
The course includes:

Working material on which the student works, gel varnish, ruber base, as well as the necessary material is included in the cost of the basic course. The hardware milling cutter (milling cutters), scissors, nippers, and pushers are not included in the course price, they can be purchased on site.

What to bring with you to the course:

  • notepad for writing
  • set of nozzles for milling cutters (which set should be specified from the instructor)
  • Hardware milling machine
  • manicure scissors, noodles, metal pusher.

All tools can be purchased on the course, except for a hardware milling cutter.
Issuance of an official certificate of the European standard. Training takes place from 10:00 to 17:00, with a lunch break (12.00-13.00). The cafeteria is located near the place of study.

Professional material for nail extension, can be purchased on the spot. After finishing the course, the student has a discount on the material -15% for 6 months, not including electro materials and accessories.

The courses of the Nails School are official.

Activity 1

1. Anatomy of the Nail
2. Sterilization
3. The correct selection of manicure for your client
4. What is the gel varnish and its variety
5. How to choose the right lacquer gel client
6. All the secrets of gel lacquer, its pros and cons.

1. Preparation of the nail plate
2. Rules for using the router
3. Speed ​​selection
4. Correct hand setting
3. Thorough, by stage work by a milling cutter
4. Ideal cutting cuticle scissors, one line
5. Correct, ideal application of gel varnish under cuticle (1st method)
6. Ideal glare with the help of top.

Activity 2

1. What is the rubber base and its advantages
2. How to properly remove the gel lacquer and rubber base.
3.How to choose the right technique, material for your client.


1. Preparation of nail plate
2. Selection of milling cutters and speed
3. Thorough, step-by-step milling
4. Perfect dry manicure with the Apparatus.
5. Aligning the nail plate with Rubber Base (Rubber Base)
6. Ideal coating with gel varnish under the cuticle (2nd method)
7. Presentation of your work before the photo camera, perfect glare.
In the event that the students have coped with the task on time and the course is over, we go to step number 8.
8. Studio design with crystals