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Gel-lacquer “Cat’s Eye” from Lak4you is distinguished by a pronounced stripe, which is created by magnetic particles.
Very dense pigment, gel does not flow.

Volume – 15ml

Method of application:
Apply gel varnish to the nail and cure in a UV lamp 2min or in a Led lamp for 30 seconds.
Apply a second layer, then the color turns out to be quite saturated. Before drying the second layer, bring the magnet edge by a distance of 0.5-1cm to the surface of the nail. You will see how the magnetic particles slowly gather in a strip. This is the effect of a cat’s eye stone. Hold the magnet above the surface for 5-10 seconds. Then, polymerize in a led lamp – 1min. and 2min. – in the UV.

Shake gel before application.

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