– New, innovative method
– A hybrid of gel and acrylic systems,
combining the best features of both systems in one product
– Very high viscosity
– Doesn’t flow into nail edges
– Easy handling
– Good file characteristics
– High mechanical resistance after curing
– Very stable gel – stronger than conventional UV gels
– More flexible than acrylics
– Pinchable
– Applicable for all nail types and all lengths
– Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
– Odorless
– Very good storage stability, prolonged storage at elevated
temperatures (up to 50°C) does not affect the properties of the gel
– Can be heated for filling (up to 60°C)
– Minimal tacky residue
– Matt surface
– Curing in UV: 2 minutes
– Curing in LED: 60 to 120 seconds,
depending on lamp type and layer thickness

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Acryl gel PINK – tube 50ml