From master to champion

  • Innesa Didkovska, founder of the firm “Fashion nails Innes sarl”
  • Founder of his own brand of high-quality materials for nails.
  • Master-teacher of international level in modeling nails and nail art.
  • Author-developer of an intensive program for teaching at the School of Fashion nails Innes.
  • Multiple winner of international international championships.
  • Judge of the international international championship “Nailpro EEu”.
  • The beginning of the work activity is 2005.
  • Place of residence: Luxembourg – Dubai UAE
  • Language skills: Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian-Croatian, French, English.Neil-designer, leading instructor of the School, as well as author of training programs, master of international level with many years of experience. Being a multiple prize-winner of international championships, Inessa Didkovskaya is also a judge of international championships in nail modeling.The founder of the School-Studio “Fashion nails Innes” and the founder of his own brand of high-quality materials for the nail service.


Want to master the art of creating perfect nails !? Welcome to the courses from Inna Didkovska.
School-Studio “Fashion nails Innes” provides services in the field of professional training for masters of nail service. Helps each master to reveal his creativity, improve his skills and master a new profession. In the classroom you can get acquainted with the basic techniques of technique, train in their implementation, get advice. Upon completion of training, after the successful delivery of theory and practice, a certificate of the established type is issued.

During the work of the School-Studio “Fashion Nails Innes” a large number of qualified specialists of the nail service have been trained, who are already successfully carrying out their professional activities.